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HostPapa is one of the best Canadian web hosts in the world which is located in 18 countries. This web hosting company has its data centers in US and Canada. It is of course not the leader in the web hosting industry but it can be a great web hosting companion for your websites. This 14+ year old web host offers expert solutions including add on tools for improving the performance of your website.

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HostPapa gives you everything that you require to be successfully online which apparently includes web hosting. It is ideal for smaller websites and provides you with all-inclusive hosting packages and services which are important for a better functioning of a website. The team that works at HostPapa is very knowledgeable, responsive and take their job too seriously.

HostPapa’s Features

Speed and Performance

The servers which HostPapa makes use of, only focuses on how they can make the features better, deliver best performances and also increase user-friendliness. Their features are well equipped so that it can help your site to grow and develop each and every day. The websites that are hosted under HostPapa are very fast and respond quickly.

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Uptime and reliability

Also, a good reliability and great uptime is what we always wish for if we are running a business website. HostPapa guarantees you with 99.9% uptime and helps in keeping your websites active, alive and running. You won’t face any downtime troubles if you are hosting your sites with HostPapa.

Security of the websites

The security features available at HostPapa are very proactive and there are anti- spam protections like server firewall, monitoring and also intrusion detection. It will ensure domain privacy protection, a dedicated IP address and also automated website backups.

HostPapa hosts more than a million websites online and they have their data centers throughout Canada and the US. For a decade now, they have been trying to reform the web hosting industry in the most positive manner so that the websites can bring out the best results.

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User friendly and the best option for Beginners!

Hosting your website is made super easy by HostPapa and every beginner and small businessman can surely opt for this host in order to do their work peacefully without any trouble or confusion. It is the best option for all the first-time site owners. HostPapa will take care of all the parameters like shared hosting packages, domain name, domain registration and also a drag and drop builder.

Customer support and services

People who have been using HostPapa are highly satisfied with their services. They provide phone support in 18 countries and also in different languages which include English, French, Spanish and German. There is a very unique team also known as “PAPA SQUAD EXPERTS” that offers telephonic and face to face video guidance to all their customers and make sure that they leave no customer hanging.

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Cons of using HostPapa

  • The price renewals can be costly and wont fit everyone’s budget. After the first term, the renewal fees as well as add on fees keep on inflating.
  • Cancellation charges can make it chaotic. Even though there is money back guarantee, you will be charged $29.95 for cancelling HostPapa hosting services.


HostPapa is a very reliable web host which has produced above average results all the time. They offer easy to use CRM tools and innovative integrations. They have a great uptime as well as customer support services which have been accredited with A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. HostPapa is highly recommended for hosting your website. If they improve in certain areas (cons mentioned above), they are good to go.

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