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GoDaddy serves millions of customers around the world and has got some really good reviews so far for its features and operations. It was founded in 1997 and this web hosting company provides hosting solutions to all types of businesses like small enterprises, web designers and also various individuals.  The performance of this host is backed by data centers in US, Europe and Asia.

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There are different types of packages available under this host, which can be chosen by different customers or clients according to their needs and requirements. It is important that you do your full research before you choose GoDaddy before choosing any subscription for your website.

Features of GoDaddy

Speed, uptime and Performance!

This web host is known for a long-term uptime of about 99.9% and also the websites hosted by Go Daddy are extremely robust and creative. Also, if you are not satisfied with the performance of your website you can claim your money back as it gives you 14-day money back guarantee option.

Customer support

GoDaddy is known for amazing customer support services. They have various live channels and self-help resources. GoDaddy provides you with thousands of articles, tutorials and how-to-do guides in order to help you out when your website is facing certain troubles.

These guides will help you in every case from your first website to advanced configuration options. In case of intense issues, you can take help from the active community forum. Apart from that, there is 24/7/365 days available helpline on the company website. The phone support is available globally that too in various languages and locations.

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Security of the website

GoDaddy hosting focuses a lot on security of the website. All the hosting plans come with SSL certificate which secures your site in the best way possible. Although if you choose a cheaper plan, this feature is not applicable. The servers are always monitored in order to trace any hacking possibilities and also to deal with any sort of virus attacks or spam.

Powerful DDoS protection is available with all the plans. This web host will protect your website from all kinds of attacks, viruses and spams.

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Advantages of using GoDaddy

  • Very competitive prices
  • Great customer support services
  • Websites run very fast with the help of the best and robust servers
  • Good uptime and websites perform very well under GoDaddy.

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GoDaddy Hosting Plans

Economy– $4.99/mo

1 website along with unlimited bandwidth, 100GB storage and 100 email addresses.

Deluxe– $5.99/mo

Unlimited number of websites along with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and 500 email addresses.

Ultimate– $7.99/mo

Unlimited number of websites along with the same features mentioned above and 1000 email addresses.

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Cons of using GoDaddy

  • Caching is not allowed on WordPress websites.
  • Email support is not available
  • Server error and low uptime are recorded several times.
  • Pricing structure is a bit confusing. The customer needs to properly understand all the terms and conditions before choosing any plan.

Final word

GoDaddy is one of the solid and powerful web hosting solutions for your website. This web host can be a good option for small businesses. If you are owning a large enterprise, GoDaddy web hosting is not the one for you. It has beginner friendly dashboard that allows to manage all the aspects of your website without any pain. Again, some might love this web host while some may not.

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