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Interserver is the US-based hosting company which is known widely for their affordable hosting services. There are various hosting options and services offered by this one and it can be suitable for different types of customers from small businessmen to top level webmasters. Even large enterprises are happy with the best services offered by Interserver web hosting. Interserver is much preferred for its affordable pricing, reliable hosting and also great customer support. They have many offerings and it is still one of the best web hosts in the business.

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Speed and Performance

This web host is the fastest of all. It is 20 times faster than other web host providers and it helps in running your website in the smoothest and fastest way possible. The support team is absolutely sorted and also with the help of Interserver, your website can do all the jobs easily and quickly. An instant business is what we always need.

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Customer Support

Interserver has a great team of Customer support who are available throughout the day for solving your queries. There are facilities like chat window and also directly call an expert. All the queries will be attended to when you are using Interserver web hosting services for your websites. You can reach the team vis live chat, phone support or even ticketing system. The quality services provided under this web host has apparently made Interserver one of the best web hosts in the industry.

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The websites that you host under Interserver web hosting are forever protected and secured with the help of Intershield. It blocks all kinds of website attacks and has a virus scanner that automatically scans in order to check if there are any dangers or viruses that can possibly harm the website.

They also provide CloudFlare CDNs and also various spam filters. In case of a WordPress website, this web host will take care of all the security measures as well as automatically updates the site whenever required.

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Along with these security features, they also provide free automatic backup of your data and files which will keep it safe even if your website goes down for some reason.

Pros of using Interserver

  • Unlimited SSD storage and emails
  • Interserver only utilizes 50% of the server capacity
  • Free website migration
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Cons of using Interserver

  • Interserver is obviously not the cheapest web hosting available. It can be costly according to the plan that you choose for your website.
  • The data centers are only US based. What about the rest of the world?
  • There are no window servers when used with the cPanel.
  • No free domain name
  • Hosting solutions and services offered under Interserver can be confusing at times.
  • The dashboard that they provide is outdated


Interserver uses robust servers which ensures high speed for your website along with tight security and safety of your website. Also, their plans are highly affordable and they have a simple pricing structure and hence users won’t be confused regarding the prices of different plans. Even if you choose their Starter plan, you will get many unlimited options and the same amount of customer support priority too. Besides, they extend great customer support as well along with amazing uptime and website performance.

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